Men's Style

Men's Style & Image

Do you need a seasonal update, entering a new stage in your career or experienced life changes and would like to update your style and image?

A style consultation will help identify your style goals and requirements, whether it's updating your work or personal wardrobe with clothes that suit your body shape, colouring, budget and lifestyle needs.

You’ll receive personalised colour analysis including your personalised colour guide booklet, a swatch valued at $70 and personalised style tips and advice on fit and cut and how to incorporate trends into your wardrobe. Receive information about where to shop for your lifestyle and budget, whether it’s to enhance your professional image, travel, weekend and social wardrobe.

Not sure if this package is right for you or would like more information? Please get in touch for a no obligation chat. Personalised packages are available and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

From: $345, includes a minimum of 3 hours

The Style and Image session is a perfect way to get a feel of personal styling. If you would like to add a wardrobe or a shopping component during your session, it can easily be converted to Men’s Wardrobe Refresh, Men’s Shopping or the Style Deluxe.  The choice is completely up to you.

Wardrobe Refresh

Men's Wardrobe Review

Do you have a closet of clothes but nothing to wear, experienced body changes or lost confidence in putting looks together to suit your varied lifestyle requirements?

A wardrobe review is an efficient, fast and productive service to solve your style and wardrobe requirements. It’s perfect for those who want order in their busy daily lives, and ease of finding the right outfit to suit all lifestyles, body shapes and budgets.

You may have a wardrobe full of outdated clothes and basic casual wear and find it challenging to put together a smart casual office look that still projects success, or that date night outfit for effortless style.

Together we’ll review and edit your wardrobe including accessories, discard items no longer working for you, discover how to mix and match from your wardrobe, identify any tailoring alterations and any missing gaps to ensure a successful and working wardrobe.

 It will be organised, decluttered and easy to manage. You'll receive tips for wardrobe accessories such as the right hangers and storage solutions and receive a LookBook of each photographed outfit for future reference. Any missing items will be added to a curated shopping list and you will learn tips to save time and money, avoid buying the same thing over and over and be better prepared for future purchases.

A wardrobe integration service is available following a personal shopping session to incorporate purchases into your existing wardrobe.

From: $365, includes a minimum of 3 hours.

Pricing can be tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.

Virtual Styling

Men's Shopping

The shopping experience is easy and convenient. It’s tailored around your wardrobe and lifestyle needs. You'll be taken to stores that suit your personal style and budget and all items will be ready for you to try on.

The session will be fast and efficient, and you'll learn how to put outfits together from your essential shopping list, the basics of cuts and fabrics, identify and arrange any tailoring and how and where to save money on items, especially when it comes to trends. Your stylist will be efficient and be able to offer during the session fit and cut of brands to buy and advice on other brands for consideration.

You won’t need to shop again on your own and can book a seasonal styling session to top up and refresh your wardrobe. All it takes is 3 – 4 hours out of your busy working week once a season to successfully create the wardrobe you need for your busy working lifestyle. For any specific requirements, please get in touch.

Have the peace of mind and confidence that you will purchase tailored pieces that can be integrated with your existing wardrobe and the ease and convenience of getting dressed for any event or occasion.

From: $365, includes a minimum of 3 hours.

Pricing can be tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.

Travel Packing

Men's Special Event Styling

Do you have a special occasion coming up; a wedding, ball, party, or milestone birthday?  Perhaps it’s a corporate event, a media function, or a destination event involving special clothes in a different climate or culture?

With all the event style details and requirements in mind, your personal stylist can help you find the ideal outfit and accessories tailored to your body shape, style, colour and budget. No matter what the occasion, you will be looking your absolute best!

Following a style consultation, you can choose to shop with the stylist or if you are time poor or simply don’t like shopping, you can book your personalised concierge special event service where all the garments and accessories are brought to you to choose from.

From: $295, includes a minimum of 2 hours.

Pricing can be tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.

Travel Packing

Men’s Personal Branding

Personal image plays an important role in how you are perceived, judged and liked. People prefer to work and connect with likeminded people, and your clothing and personal presentation can make all the difference in whether people want to get to know you, get the promotion or that professional connection or opportunity.

You may be moving into a new stage in life and would like to identify, update and define your personal brand. You may have experienced one or a mix of personal changes (new addition to family, divorce, illness, birthday, body to name a few), returning to work or experiencing professional career changes. You're seeking to create, update and elevate your professional appearance as you explore, experience and achieve career milestones.

Work dress codes have relaxed in recent years and navigating through what to wear can be challenging, from creating that great first impression to matching your capabilities to your visual presence and boosting your confidence to feel and look great and achieve your goals.

Together we discuss, identify and map out your personal style and brand following an exploration of you are, your goals and how you want to be perceived. A personalised personal brand action plan is developed which includes a personal style and brand identity, colour analysis, wardrobe review, a personalised style guide and LookBook.

Additional services such as personal shopping, grooming makeover and wardrobe integration can be added.

Get in touch to discuss your specific needs to tailor a personalised style and image solution.

From: $495, includes a minimum of 4 hours

Pricing can be tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.

Virtual Styling

Men's Virtual Styling

Are you time poor, or need quick and immediate style advice? Get styled anywhere, anytime with our virtual styling service. Remove the stress, uncertainty and decision paralysis! An online facetime/skype/video call can help you to choose and select outfits for any situation. You will receive feedback, advice and suggestions to suit your needs.

A virtual styling session is an efficient way to help you discover the best clothing styles for your body shape, personality and lifestyle. It can include a wardrobe audit, and together review what to keep, what to let go of and identify gaps. You can learn how to mix and match your existing wardrobe. Alternatively, you are welcome to send photos of items and your personal stylist can create mix and match looks from your existing wardrobe into a LookBook.

A curated list or where to buy your wardrobe gaps is provided for future purchases to suit your style, colouring, budget and personality.

Pricing can be tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.

Travel Packing

Men's Travel Packing

Going Interstate or overseas and don’t have time, know what or how to pack it all?

Is your suitcase full and yet don’t end up wearing many of the items? Do you prefer options and flexibility in choosing what to wear on the day?

Take away the stress and don't get overwhelmed. Your personal stylist will share tips and help you pack like a real pro, including packing more lightly with many outfits that fit, and you will want to wear.

The first step is to get to know you, the season, your destination and your travel events and activities. You will learn what to bring, how to layout clothes efficiently, to fitting shoes and accessories properly, to choosing which pieces from your wardrobe to pack and can wear multiple times in many different ways and feel great!

Booking a travel packing session can take away the time and uncertainty of what to pack, which fabrics travel well and emergency wardrobe malfunction tips! It will help you identify any gaps to shop before your trip or whilst overseas. You will receive a digital LookBook to refer to while your away and you will have the peace of mind and not have to think about what to wear! Bon Voyage!

Pricing from: $240 and a minimum of 2 hours

Pricing can be tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.

A personal branding, colour analysis, makeup makeover, wardrobe makeover or personal shopping can also be added.

Other services include:

Photo Styling Advice: whether it's new baby family shots or updating your family photos, new images for your social media or a more professional headshot, you can be confident that you will receive expert styling advice to ensure the images are authentically you. We can arrange a photographer to help capture those special and important images at an extra fee.

Gift concierge: need to buy something special for someone but don't have the time, not sure what to buy or where to shop? Send us a brief and budget and we will send you a shortlist of options. Once you choose, we will purchase, gift wrap and deliver to you or the recipient.

Group shopping trip: Like to have a style and shopping experience with a friend or small group of friends? No problem! Get in touch and we can tailor a style and shopping experience. Receive style advice and tips based on your style, body shape, lifestyle and budget.

Don’t see the service or package you need, please get in touch and we can tailor a style solution and package to suit your needs.