Who wouldn’t love to have an organised closet and a wardrobe of clothes that fit, like and find easy to wear? Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, in a style rut, or reach for the same things to wear?

A wardrobe edit is a safe and nonjudgmental process of reviewing your entire wardrobe including your accessories. It will help identify and create looks and outfits that you love, suit your lifestyle, personality and body shape and experience the daily confidence and ease in choosing what to wear and say goodbye to any form of guilt and impulse buys hanging in your closet.

Each piece is either tried on, looked at and assessed if it suits your personality, lifestyle, flatters your silhouette and colouring. Receive advice on what to keep, what you can let go of (donate, sell or kiss goodbye) and what to get altered. Feel the peace of mind should you choose not to let go of any sentimental favourites that they can be safely stored away.

Rediscover some of your best pieces, how to mix and match and create new looks with existing pieces and suggestions on how to create an organised wardrobe space. You will receive a LookBook of each photographed outfit for future reference.

Any missing items will be added to a curated shopping list. You will learn tips to save time and money and advice on how to avoid buying the same thing over and over and be better prepared for future purchases.

You will receive:

Style Consultation (I hour)

Wardrobe Makeover (2 hours)

Personalised LookBook of outfits

The Style and Wardrobe Makeover is a perfect way to get a feel of personal styling. If you would like to extend more time to your wardrobe makeover this can be arranged at an additional charge. If you would like to add a personal shopping component during your session, it can easily be converted to Image Refresh or the Style Deluxe.  The choice is completely up to you.

Style & Wardrobe Makeover


Not sure if this package is right for you or would like more information? Please get in touch for an obligation free chat. Personalised packages are available and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.